Happy Tails

We love a happy ending!

These are happy puppies and kittens that have found 'fur'ever homes.  

This is Brady.  When I found Brady, he had been living in a small crate with his sister for most of his 4 months of life.  He was so confined that his back legs were under-developed.  I realized right away when he could not jump up on me like a happy lab puppy should, even though Brady was never anything but happy.  The vet did not know if he would ever overcome this rough start.  Then came his forever family!  They have worked so hard for this little man and over 3 months later Brady is catching up!  He can now jump up and run around like a happy lab puppy.  Every time they email me, it's to tell me that he has reached another milestone and is doing really well and that they love him SO MUCH.

Rosebud is very happy in her new home!  Now if she could just decide if she is a Dolphins fan or a Saints fan she would be all set for football season.

Every good boy deserves a dog and every good dog deserves a boy that loves her this much!  This little girl is posing with her new brother at soccer practice.  After spending the first 3 months of her life living in a 4 by 4 space in an entry way, she is now living the life every dog dreams of.  She gets to play outside with the Italian Greyhounds next door and then curls up to take a nap in bed with her family.  They email me every week and let me know that she is doing well and completes their family.  That lucky dog is having a "Ball"!

This is Bristol.  He is a deaf Mini Dashchund with a condition called Micropthalmia.  He was adopted by Renee, the office manager at Montville Animal Hospital.  Bristol comes to work everyday and supervises all of us!  He is named after the international speedway in Tennessee!

This is Sammy!  He loves his new family, especially his St. Bernard sibling.  They are best friends and his new owners call him their "little angel".  In the bottom picture, sammy is napping next to his new bestie.  He has obviously convinced her that he needs more of the bed than she does. Sammy's family really loves him and they report that he is learning really quickly. He already knows how to sit and lie down.

This little cutie went to a home in northern New England and she has a new mom and dad and a new sister that love her!

Daphne and Fred are Maltese/Chihuahua mixes and were my first foster puppies ever!  Daphne (left) has made herself quite at home as a permanent fixture around her mom's office.  Her brother, Fred (right), helps sometimes, too!  Their mom is happy to report that they now each weight about 8 pounds.  Daphne has mastered the stairs but Fred still isn't too sure about them.

This is Jack. Jack came to my home as a foster dog well into his senior years.  What a little treasure he is!  His owner could no longer keep him as she was moving into housing that did not allow pets.  Jack has found his own "retirement home"!  He is now living in Vermont and enjoying the snow and the beautiful mountains.  



Just emailing you to let you know our new Kitty is doing great. We decided to name him Marvin, and he is oozing with personality. He is adventurous but isn't eager to play with any kitty toys. He mostly just wants to be held and cuddle. Our cat Lilith is still a little weary of him but he follows her everywhere, I think they will form a great bond. He isn't a huge fan of the pups when they wrestle but other than that everyone is getting along great. Thanks again

Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for finding "Detroit".  The kids love him and he is have a blast :)  Thank you again!  He is a good dog and so funny!

Hi Elena!  I just wanted to let you know that Lexi is doing fantastic!  She's the sweetest little bundle of joy and we're SO happy to be making our home her's.  She never leaves my side, it's been an awesome first few days.  Thank you for keeping our new kitten safe until we found her!


Thank you for our new kitten from Anguilla!  We are totally in love with her. She is great and doing great. We are slowly introducing her to my daughters dog. Its slow going, hopefully a couple of more days and they will be friends.  KoKo is really coming out of her shell, and she purrs like a small engine, even while playing! Thanks again for helping us get together with little KoKo. I decided on KoKo because of her Caribbean descent.