Experience the Art of Reiki for your Pets

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key/Rei meaning universal/ki meaning life energy) is a Tibetan healing technique that draws on "universal life energy" to promote relaxation, encourage healing and support the immune system. All animals may receive Reiki and it is the perfect complementary care to any wellness approach such as massage therapy.

How would my dog or cat benefit from receiving Reiki?

Many of our companions are plagued with energetic imbalances and these manifest as abnormal physical conditions and unhealthy emotional states. Reiki balances the Ki (energy) in the body and this support has been shown to enhance general well being and facilitate healing. Reiki has a profound impact on the emotional health of abused and neglected animals and may be successfully used as part of a behavioral modification, training and/or rehabilitation program. In addition, Reiki may speed the recovery from injury or illness for any companion suffering from acute or chronic physical conditions.

Reiki offers gentle therapy for our elderly companions in their later years. It may ease arthritis pain, soothe muscle soreness, and alleviate the emotional stress associated with these physical ailments, thereby improving your companion's general state of body and mind. In addition, it is worthwhile considering regular Reiki sessions for those companions nearing their transition. We highly recommend this as a special opportunity to offer a gift of thanks and love to your beloved companion to help ease their soul and prepare them for their passage on.

As a matter of fact....

Animals are naturally attracted to Reiki.  Some refer to them as "energy suckers" which makes me laugh because it has so many meanings!   In my experience while performing Reiki in my home, my dogs and cats will gravitate to wherever I am.   They will lie under the massage table and sometimes they will even jump onto the table.

My explanation of the attraction of dogs and cats to Reiki is this....

The 5 Principles of Reiki are:

  1. For today, let go of anger.
  2. For today, let go of fear.
  3. For today, be grateful.
  4. For today, do your work honestly.
  5. For today, have compassion for all that exists.

I cannot think of any animal that does not embody those 5 Principles.  It's no wonder that dogs and cats are naturally attracted to any healing art that balances and recharges the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of self and facilitates a release of energies and patterns that no longer serve.  Animals themselves embody all that Reiki represents.

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Reiki can be done alone or in conjunction with massage.