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Mona's House- A Place for Homeless Pets

See the current puppies, dogs, kittens and cats we have for adoption and submit your application for adoption.

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Doggie Daycare

In 2014, The Animal Experts are adding Doggie Daycare to their list of services! Daycare will be available for full or half days, as well as weekends.

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Local Events

Find local events where you can meet The Animal Experts around Southeastern Connecticut

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Happy Tails

Successful adoptions stories aka Happy tails and stories from our boarders and other smiling friends

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Happy Holidays from your favorite pet sitter!

The holidays are often a busy time for everyone and I am happy to be helping so many of my clients worry about one LESS thing; their pets. I am enjoying taking care of so many furry faces (and scaly faces) this holiday season. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Remember to celebrate with loved ones and enjoy each moment!

Reiki For Your Dog or Cat

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key/Rei meaning universal/ki meaning life energy) is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation, encourages healing and supports the immune system.

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Massage Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Animals enjoy the same benefits of massage that humans do. Let me help your pet relax, rejuvenate and recover. Services are available to any small animal; dog, cat, rabbit, and even pigs!

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One crossed the bridge.....

One of the animals I care for crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. He experienced a long illness and he was set free from his ailing body and now is running on 4 good legs. That is the rule of the Rainbow Bridge. As soon as animals get there, all of their problems/ouchies/etc. are fixed and they are 100% healthy again. Run like the wind, Hollywood, until we meet again.

We Are Expanding!

This week The Animal Experts teamed up with the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation and we fostered 2 kittens that came all the way from Anguilla,an island in the South-eastern Caribbean. The two girls traveled for over 14 hours, one 2 flights and several car rides, to get to us. They are the sweetest girls and they both went to their forever homes today. We were told by the shelter director from Anguilla that we saved their lives as they would have NEVER gotten adopted in Anguilla.

One of the best parts of doing animal rescue is joined forces with other like-minded organizations and individuals. This was a joy and I cannot wait to get more Caribbean Critters!

Kittens! Kittens! Kittens!

Post-op kitten, foster kittens, island kittens!

Milkdud is home from the hospital and doing really well. She is playful, eating and seems very happy to be home. We still do not know if her surgery worked and we won't know for some time, probably weeks. I am still taking donations to help fund her diagnostics, surgery and on going treatments. My husband and I have paid all of Milkdud's expenses thus far out of our own pockets and we could really use the help of your donations.

I still have 8 foster kittens at Petsense in Norwich on Town Street. They are so sweet! I go in there at least once per day and visit with them, clean their houses and feed, etc. The girls at Petsense have also been doing excellent jobs cuddling and caring for them.

This Wednesday evening I am going to the airport to pick up 2 foster kittens from ANGUILLA! You read that right. I am volunteering for the AARF which is out of Anguilla, in the British West Indies. They are sending me 2 10 week old kittens to find homes up here. In the future I could be getting puppies from there, too. I am so excited to start my work with AARF and help out their island shelter.

Kittens are on my mind! Spread the word and let's get these kittens homes and help get Milkdud all better! Thank you all so much!